FAQS about the Portland Womxn’s March

Are you canceling the march like other cities?

Absolutely not! Not only are we marching, but we’re holding a rally for direct action to connect participants with justice-forward work in our communities! We’re moving the march date with that kind of solidarity in mind —to keep the focus of the January 19-21 weekend on long-planned community events celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

When will the march take place?

The 2019 Portland Womxn’s March + Rally For Action will take place on March 3 in advance celebrate International Women’s Day. We’ll be taking to the streets on a day that honors womxn and their long history of marching, organizing and speaking out for social justice.

Will you be doing anything on January 19th/20th?

Of course! We won’t let the weekend go by without taking action. We’ll be working with community partners to host a community event and clothing drive on January 19, and on January 20, we plan to show solidarity with the Reclaim MLK Day March organized by Don’t Shoot Portland.

But I really want to march in a Women’s March! Where should I go?

There are several marches throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest that weekend, including nearby marches in Salem, Sandy, The Dalles, and Seattle. We will post links to these marches on our website and FB page. You can also find info on other marches here. We do encourage you to support local Portland marches first!

What can I do to stay involved between now and International Women's Day?

We’ll be organizing and participating in events and that educate, engage and empower people around social justice issues, and we’ll post information about them on our FB page and website. We’d love to see you at them!

Why are you using “womxn” in your name?

That’s a great question! Here’s an explainer that provides background on the reasons we’re using it: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/womyn/

Is that a new logo? Why?

Yes, it is a new logo! We wanted to have a logo that reflects the new, local focus of our March and highlights our Oregon roots.

I bought a shirt with the old logo. What should I do with it?

Please check your email associated with your PayPal account. Shelly with NightOwl Custom Apparel will be contacting you directly with options. Be sure to check your spam because the email will contain attachments. You can also reach her at: shelly@nightowlcustomapparel.com