The Womxn's March & Rally for Action 2019 has a new date, new leaders, and a new look! These shirts, sweaters and hoodies feature our new logo, created by Portland native Laura Bussanich, and the incredible In Our America flag, courtesy of our sponsor Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX. All proceeds go directly to the Womxn's March & Rally for Action and supports all the good stuff: stage, sound, insurance, park use, portapotties, and everything else that sets the… ahem… stage for us to bring you an incredible event. Choose a color! Buy two! Alter one for your dog! We think you'll love it. And we'll love you for it.


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Check out womxn-owned and -operated business Night Owl Custom Apparel, our fantastic and talented shirt maker.


Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX

One of our earliest sponsors, NWGSD PDX has donated time, energy, and this awesome image in support of this effort. Check out their other work here.