Sponsorship and Endorsement Values

The Portland Womxn’s March accepts sponsorships in order to support the cost of the permitting, infrastructure, and incidentals necessary to put on a successful event. Our goal is to seek in-kind donations first and foremost, and to utilize funding from businesses and organizations that align with the values of our march second.

Money is political, it is powerful, and it creates and enforces systems of oppression. It is not disconnected from its origins, methods of production and distribution, or social, environmental, and human impacts. We cannot march to demand justice and then turn around and take dollars that cause direct harm to womxn and people who are gender non-binary, gender fluid, bigender, or two spirit -- particularly people of color. As such, we want to be transparent about how we decide what money to take and to lay out a clear set of principles that drive our decisions.

  • We do not accept sponsorships from corporations that do global business and have long supply chains with embedded negative human and environmental impacts.

  • We do accept sponsorships from locally based businesses that invest and reinvest in our communities in ways that are meaningful and active.

  • We prioritize businesses and organizations that are led by people of color who are womxn, gender non-binary, gender fluid, bigender, or two spirit.

  • We accept support from businesses that demonstrate good labor practices and policies, especially those that create safe, supportive workplaces for womxn, people who are gender non-binary, gender fluid, bigender, or two spirit, and people of color. We prioritize businesses with unionized workforces when possible.

  • We understand that we are all stewards of Mother Earth and welcome sponsorships from business that use sustainable and non-extractive practices.

  • We believe in economic justice and seek support from businesses and organizations that do not reinforce oppressive class systems through their products and services.

  • We champion accessibility and body positivity and we ally ourselves with businesses and organizations that do the same.

  • We support businesses and organizations with an intersectional lens of analysis and who show respect for and solidarity with marginalized and oppressed peoples including communities who are poor or unhoused and immigrant communities.

  • We want to work with business and organizations who support the Womxn’s March and other community partnerships because they are driven by justice not self-interest.

  • We all make mistakes and we will accept sponsorships from businesses and organizations who are willing to take ownership of those mistakes, rectify past and current harms, and are willing to grow and change to be more justice-oriented.

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